Precious Rutlin

Consultant Trichologist & Continuing Education provider

Precious Rutlin is a Hair Growth Consultant & Continuing Education Provider that teaches hair stylists and beauty professionals how to treat their client's hair loss holistically so they can add non-surgical hair restoration services to their business model.

With over 26 years in the hair industry and healing herself of traction alopecia, postpartum hair loss, and multiple health conditions, she founded Precious Rutlin Consulting, an international online hair and wellness restoration consulting firm and Institute of Holistic Beauty.

Precious is a Transformation Speaker and the Host of Heal My Hair Podcast.

She has been featured in Byrdie Magazine, Bald Life Magazine, and Courageous Magazine.

Precious is a Expert Panel Review Member for StyleCraze Magazine, which is one of the world's largest beauty and wellness website

If you want to:

- Increase Your Knowledge About Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions

- Start Your Hair Loss Clinic

- Build Your Confidence While You Master Your Craft

- Incorporate Holistic Health and Wellness Into Your Business Model

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